Brother Steve's visitor's book 2001-2002

Robert D   23/Aug/2002:22:54:30
Louisiana, USA
Just found this site.....definitely will be back. Just ordered my first whistles: A Shaw 'D', A Sweetone 'D' and a couple of Sweetone 'C's (to attempt the "Bloody Hand" construction technique found a Chiff -&- Fipple)
I think I'm going to need your help!
Jennifer 19/Aug/2002:03:21:16
I think you've done a great job creating this site. It espescially helped me with the jigs, because I really had problems playing them as they are meant to be. So keep up the good work and thanks a lot!
Thurlowe   14/Aug/2002:13:22:28
My eyes glaze over most instruction manuals, no matter how invested I am in the topic. Not this one! Great job.
Kevin Harrington   14/Aug/2002:12:14:06
very helpful, thanks alot. keep up the good work
Andy Mills   12/Aug/2002:02:13:38
Great site. It's always nice to visit a site with a sense of humour, and I've learned a lot too... Keep it up
ysgwd links page to websites of mine and others 11/Aug/2002:11:00:24
I was returning yet again to this site and discovered that I had never signed the visitor's book before. I've been working diligently with your suggestion, Steve, to practice no tonguing. I came to the whistle via concert flute with a deeply ingrained tonguing-almost-every-note habit. I haven't had the confidence until now to try to break the habit because my fingers and tongue were co-ordinated in my brain, so my fingers would get "tongue-tied" while playing on their own. But I really wanted to play closer to a piper's style on the whistle because it forces me to ornament in a more traditional way. After just a couple days of working on your suggested exercise, all of a sudden a whole new world of expressive playing has opened up for me. It is a bit frustrating not to be able to play as gracefully as I did "avec langue" (is this correct French?), but I have eliminated my excessive spit problem and I feel more connected to the rhythm of a tune.

Thanks for everything,including the recommendatio
Roeland De Witte   11/Aug/2002:10:21:47
Hi Steve,

Thanks a lot for your page. I read it completely, every word of it, after i found it on the net this afternoon. A great help for a novice player like me... I've already made it my main page! Which means i was lucky twice today: this morning i met an Irish bloke called Gerald something, on a market place in Ghent (Belgium). He was playing some fine tunes on the mandoline and the tinwhistle and he promised he would help me improve my playing.
Keep up the good work

Gary Farmer Portfolio 08/Aug/2002:23:48:26
I have read every word on your site, even the comments below. I agree with all. This is a great site (I have sent the link to friends). But I want to add that, even if I was but casually interested in the whistle, your style was a complete delight. I have learned bunches and am very thankful.
Lynne 08/Aug/2002:10:43:55
You're a great teacher! I'm a classically trained flute player and adore the tin whistle but was feeling discouraged about ever playing it the way it's supposed to be played. The organization of the website is brilliant and a great gift to all us students out here. It's wonderful to be able to study and practice with it. I look forward to future additions! Thank you so much.
Benedict   07/Aug/2002:21:28:29
Aloha Bro. Steve From the Pacific isles comes a question since I am enboldened by your helpful info pages. After playing for a couple of hours in a session me whistle goes flat. Is this because I am tired or do whistles get tired too ? I play a Clarke Sweetone D. Hanging in and out Tutuben in Hawaii.
deb   05/Aug/2002:09:42:00
a friend bought me a tinwhistle...and know i have some understanding how to use it... still not sure of the fingering for there a note chart on the website?
Mark Flett stuff about me 04/Aug/2002:13:42:34
Great Pages Steve - an absoulte inspiration - well worth bookmaking and coming back.
I hope you'll damn well come to my site and sign my guest book. If you dont I'll send the boys round.

Nina Allen   04/Aug/2002:11:09:13
Wonderful site! Have bookmarked it. Please keep up the good work! Nina
Rod Livingstone   31/Jul/2002:04:00:27
Great site! have marked it as one of my favourites.
Fabien   30/Jul/2002:17:15:14
Moreover, I'm allowed to speak french ??!!

Le seul site que j'aie trouvé, présentant le tin whistle d'une façon aussi claire qu'agréable. Surfant depuis 1 heure et demie à la recherche de quelques indices avant de passer à la pratique, je me suis littéralement scotché chez vous.
J'ai presque tout lu, et quasiment tout écouté. Yapluka jouer. (Ah, et tant que j'y pense, je vais aussi m'acheter une flûte. Ce n'est pas précisé dans le site, mais cela me semble une bonne idée préliminaire !)

Gare à vous, Altan et autres Bottine Souriante... J'arrive !
Merci encore
Thanks a lot (after the tin whistle method... I'm waiting for the english one !)

France (Région parisienne)
Richard Payne   29/Jul/2002:16:51:19
Brother Steve,

I found your site after looking at 100 web sites. It is an oasis! I am only a beginner, but reading you meditations has given me a little more confidence. Thanks for providing a free site with great information.
Best regards,

john hogan   26/Jul/2002:11:02:52
just started looking for help surfing the web thanks for page
Andreea   24/Jul/2002:05:56:05
Hi brother steve,

I'm in Australia and finding your page very helpful in learning to play my new tin whistle. Thanks heaps
Dave Sandlin   22/Jul/2002:21:05:18
Thanks. This has been helpful.
Brendan McGuigan 22/Jul/2002:16:40:45
I'm sitting here in front of my computer with my whistle (a Shaw D that I'm pretty happy with), having a blast going through all of this stuff.
Thank you oh-so-much for keeping this wonderful service around. It is refreshing to see things like this still free.
Heike   21/Jul/2002:12:58:02
Hallo Bruder Steve,
Ich liebe irische Musik und überlege schon lange, ob ich es wagen soll die tinwhistle spielen zu lernen. Vor kurzem war ich auf einem Konzert und habe zwei Stunden lang irischer Musik gelauscht und mit den Füssen gewippt, geklatscht und mitgesummt. Am Ende des Konzerts habe ich mich auf die Flötistin gestürzt und sie ausgefragt über ihre Flöten. Ich habe mich an dem Tag entschlossen es zu wagen. Vor dem Flötenkauf wollte ich mich auch noch im Internet erkundigen über die Möglichkeit sich das Flöten spielen selber beizubringen. Ich wohne nämlich in einer ziemlich ländlichen Gegend und das Angebot an Flötenlehrern dürfte nicht so gross sein. Deine Seite hat mir jedoch die letzten Zweifel genommen, und da das Instrument ja zum Glück nicht die Welt kostet, kann ja nicht viel passieren. Danke für die Tips und ... ich finde es trotzdem schade, dass ich nicht doch einen Lehrer wie dich im Hintergrund habe. Aber wie du sagst, entweder man hat es im Blut oder nicht! ...
Mike Flanagan   19/Jul/2002:12:52:47
Great site. Just exploring whistle sites and found yours. Keep up the great work.
fran corley   17/Jul/2002:18:22:01
Franck Harou   17/Jul/2002:13:40:27

J'ai ete vraiment surpris en visitant ce site. Le but de ma premiere visite etait, bien sur, de trouver des informations sur la musique irlandaise et sur les "tin whistles" (en bon debutant que je suis) mais ce fut vraiment une agreable surprise d'etre confronte a un humour plaisant, a une pertinence (pour ce que je peux en juger) du contenu de ce site ainsi que de son organisation. Chaque visite a vraiment ete un plaisir. Quant au resultat de ces visites, il m'a permis de structurer un peu mieux mes connaissances de la musique irlandaise et des "whistles" et, de ce fait, de mieux percevoir la direction de mes efforts. J'irai presque jusqu'a escalader le Mont-Royal pour aller prendre des cours ...

Merci pour ce site

F. Harou
Charlie Davis   16/Jul/2002:23:05:22
Nice site.
My favourite tin whistle is plastic - the Susato. I'd be interested to know what you think of these.
Anne   12/Jul/2002:22:36:51
Hi Steve, This is a great site. I am a beginner and am having trouble with spit controll. Any hints would be great.Thanks, Anne
Colleen Shannon   12/Jul/2002:14:18:09
nice site and don't worry about the ads, they are a necessary evil.
JIM O'CNNELL   10/Jul/2002:11:17:07
Rosa Cleary 02/Jul/2002:18:56:06
Hey There :) This is a great site thanks for setting it up!! I only recently bought a tin whistle and find it a very handy little instrument to have... not as bulky as previous instruments I have learned like the cello and clarinet. Learning the clarinet and recorder has helped with the tin whistle like with breathing and tonguing etc :) The little jigs also have been a help... but I still need so much practise!!! I learnt the scales on another site but this site has a much fuller explanation of tips and other info :) cheers from rosa
New Zealand
(but hopefully going to get to Ireland.... one day)
Theresa   02/Jul/2002:01:01:02
Brother Steve

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

I have always had an interest in Irish music (being a half and half!) and have started to learn to play. Irish music teachers are very far and few between out here in the Middle East so this site has been invaluable - espescially for the ornamentations. I must be getting a little better as my husband doesn't automatically leave the room now everytime that I pick my whistle up!!!

Thank once again from the land of sun and camels


P.S The camels seem to love Irish music too!!
Oren Bochman   30/Jun/2002:04:00:20
Hi Brother Steve

I'm learning to play irish music on a flute. I have found your pages to be a great help! They aer well thought out and clearly presented. I was also wondering what software you used for the gif and how you recorded the sound clips.

Many thanks!

Oren Bochman
Giavataim Israel.
Martin   29/Jun/2002:12:32:34
Great site! Always comming back - please hurry with the crans page - I need it!
Dave Posladek   26/Jun/2002:11:30:06
Heather   23/Jun/2002:23:27:47
Wonderful site Brother Steve! Keep up the good work!

jack cavanaugh   22/Jun/2002:02:00:54
thank you.. i have a tin whistle and have been trying to figure out how to use it for awhile now, and until i found this sight i had no idea what alot of the terms even meant. youve cleared up alot for me and now hopefully i can progress a little
Ward   17/Jun/2002:21:36:00
Dear Steve,
Thank-you for relaying your knowledge of the whistle and Irish music. I can tell that you have a honest desire to help others and create a better world. Your site is beautiful, as is your approach. It is rare to find someone who truly gives his/herself to others. Most like to slap their own backs. It is apparent that you are putting the concerns of your readers formost. Three cheers
Frisi Frisi @ Home 16/Jun/2002:19:51:22
Greetings from Germany!

dear steve,

just wanted to say that your site ist fantastic. i've long searched for good whistle-lessons and i'm glad to have found your page.

michal klein   15/Jun/2002:06:35:28

dear steve

I enjoyed your site very much and it helped me a lot.

I Play the whistle and i would like start playing low-whistle too. Can you recommend me please, a good medium price, low whistle to buy.


Michael Sullivan   12/Jun/2002:17:41:53
Thanks so much for all of your hard work. This is by far the best practical playing advice I have seen yet. Found you through Chiff and Fipple, of course. You know, together you guys could rule the world. Been listening to Celtic music for years, been playing about two months, entered the obsessive stage seven weeks ago. Plan to continue in same indefinitely.
I knew that something was wrong with my jigs. They didn't sound quite right. I still haven't read your section on jigs but just reading your section about listening made something click and it's making more sense already.
About halfway through the site and I will definitely read the rest and anything you put up in the future. Please continue! You're a godsend.
Patrick Woolery   11/Jun/2002:15:03:00
Hi, Steve!

I learned about this page from Chiff -&- Fipple. I have to say I am very new to the whistle in terms of experience on it. I taught myself to read music from the Clarke tinwhistle book I got for Christmas a few years back. The whistle has opened me up to the world of music, and that's no exageration.

I just want to say thanks for the site and all the tips. The comment about "accent" in music really struck a chord with me. I have been using that explanation ever since reading it. I do verbally attribute the source to your site. I am not anywhere near good enough to claim an Irish accent in my playing, but I also don't really stick to irish music when I play. Anything that is fairly simple (like me!) will do.

Please keep at it. Your site does matter.

Frank Loughlin   11/Jun/2002:01:40:34
What an excellent site. Content is superb. Keep up the good work.
Flurin Peer   09/Jun/2002:10:42:55
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Thanks allot.
Michael Anthony   07/Jun/2002:12:22:41

As others have said, I've seen lots of tutorial material before (been playing whistle about 9 years), but this is the best. Your treatment of rolls (love the "dah-blah-blah" image -- it works!) hits the nail right on the head. I wish I'd seen/heard it years ago, but now at least I can refer beginner friends to it (and have already, by the way).

I'm dying to hear what you have to say about reels.

-- Michael
JohnEdward Evers   06/Jun/2002:15:36:47
bb   05/Jun/2002:09:54:42
Nice site - especially like the pictures of the melbourne crew in the 80's. Most aussies dont even know who Miles Franklin was..good on you;-)
Joshua James Dunphy   01/Jun/2002:00:54:30
Beautifully put Stevo!
Frank   31/May/2002:09:25:27
Hi Steve,
vielen Dank für Deine sehr interessante Internetseite.

Habe gerade meine TinWhistle bei eBay ersteigert und diese Seite auf der Suche nach Informationen über meine Blechpfeife gefunden.

Eine sehr lehrreiche und informative Seite...

...und wenn man die automatische Übersetzung ließt,
hat man noch etwas comedy ;-)

Schöne Grüße aus Scharbeutz an der Ostsee (Baltic-Sea)


Kevin Baylis   30/May/2002:10:51:32
Kep   29/May/2002:15:11:31
Great tips! Thanks for the time and effort you've put into this. Newbie whistlers and old musicians alike will benefit!
Laura   27/May/2002:13:14:40
this is awesome. i came across this site for the first time today after weeks of searching the internet for help with the tin whistle. i'm very impressed! i have learned more in the last two hours than from any book or other website out there! thank you so much!
Tim Harkleroad   27/May/2002:12:55:03

Keep up the good work. Whistles RULE! Recorders... well, I'm sorry.

Daniel Bragg   26/May/2002:19:44:49
Thank you very much for the information. I'm learning to play the tin- whistle and in great need of help. I will refer to your page as I continue to practice.
sumo tincture 26/May/2002:15:04:11
very interesting site. i shall visit again for more tips. i'm just wondering, are cuts similar to mordens on a whistle? also how have you made your site so easy to find? i'd like to do the same for mine too, please feel free to visit. take care

Prissana L. 26/May/2002:11:57:22
Hi! I'm Prissana from Thailand. I really really like the whistle. I got to know it from the Corrs. Andrea Corr plays it very well. I want to play like her. I would like the whistle. But i don't know how do u get one. I don't think it's available in Thailand. It's impossible to get one =( ...Well, i just wanna know how much does it cost? My English is not good, I'm sorry if my writing is wrong.
John Sharp   25/May/2002:17:53:43
Nice. Thanks.
Duane   24/May/2002:09:25:06
Great page. I've loved the tin whistle a long time, and finally decided to learn to play.
Jim   23/May/2002:06:27:19
I'm a guitar player who wants to expand my horizons. I love Celtic music so I thought I'd give the whistle a try. This page should be very helpful. Thanks, Steve.
Fernando   21/May/2002:07:14:17
From Spain, please, translate the pages and congratulations, this is better every updates. Bye. Fernando
Kaydee   20/May/2002:20:05:44
Just bought a tin whistle because I thought it would be fun to play and I loved this page it helped out a lot.
genny   19/May/2002:15:02:59
What a great site - far better than trying to learn from a book - actually I looked it up to get some help with playing jigs on the accordion, and it's been v. useful in my attempts to get the rhythm right.

Have you got any plans to put advice on slides, polkas, reels etc. up on this site?

Thanks again

Michael Burns   13/May/2002:10:23:22
I'm a beginner with the whistle and I've found some great info here. Keep up the good work. I'll be visiting often.

Mike Burns
paddy   12/May/2002:12:20:28
horrid self taught beginner hoping to become at least mediocre.
Anne Hyam   11/May/2002:00:24:15
Great site
Jarek My Own music by recorder 'a' tin whistle 08/May/2002:03:50:55
Good idea for teaching young whistlers but not only.
Kevin   06/May/2002:08:28:49
Brother Steve, what a fantastic job you've done! Like the others here, I thought it high time to say hello and thanks.
Your online teachng style is so simple, so effective, so clear. There are tutorial books and CDs on the market by acknowedged experts, but having recordings of hundreds of tunes doenst help much when they are all recorded too fast and you cant tell a cran from a fingerhole.
When it comes to really gettin down and learnin the nuts and bolts, well your pages get the job done better than all of 'em. I can tell from the way you've constructed these lessons that you are a gifted teacher, and those able to take live lessons from you are fortunate indeed. As for me, Im glad to be able to learn from the Virtual Brother Steve.

Again, thanks! You have definitely made a significant contribution to the whistling community!

mike pocock   05/May/2002:10:17:13
keep up the great work
Denny Cannon   04/May/2002:11:15:20
Being Irish and a touring musician for many years (guitar --&-- keyboards), I've always loved the music...particularly the whistle, though I'd never played one. After recently seeing "The Corrs Live In Dublin" on VH-1, I've been inspired by Andrea Corr's performance to take up the tin whistle myself. As a result of your excellent online tutorial with tips and tricks and audio clips of what each exercise is "supposed" :) to sound like, I'm already playing tunes and reading tablature after only a couple weeks....and it's beginning to sound pretty good and relatively clean! I've gone through the exercises many times, each time picking up little things I'd missed, and bettering techniques that were previously on the shaky side.

Thanks for all the work you've put into this site, providing a valuable, comprehensive tutorial for us beginners.
One question: what kind of whistle(s) did you use for the audio clips? The quality is very good and is evenly distributed throughout the registers.
Karen Moore   03/May/2002:14:11:05
I think the site is excellent. I have been struggling at the same amateur level with the whistle for some time and find this page is giving me lots of useful hints which could just make the difference between bland playing and something a bit more exciting. By the way have you tried the Tony Dixon whistle? - I got it off the internet for my birthday and it really does have a brilliant sound.
Kendra   01/May/2002:23:44:11

I just wanted you to know that I use this site often and really appreciate the work you put into it. It was the first tutorial I found that made sense to someone new to both Irish Trad and the whistle. Thanks.
Joe Burke   01/May/2002:07:37:00
What a great website! I am in a location which has limited resources with respect to tin whistle. I have learned more in a few minute on this site than searching the internet for the last week. Keep up the great work!
Dermot Hanrahan   30/Apr/2002:08:32:23
Marie Ruddy Gutscher Marie Ruddy Gutscher - Screenwriter/Playwright 28/Apr/2002:11:01:11
Thank you for all of your effort and time that you've put into this website. It is greatly appreciated and an excellent source of information. Warm regards from a presently frozen Canadian whistle player. Marie
Peter Dunworth (Quee   27/Apr/2002:20:22:24
I really enjoyed your website. One thing I laughed at was your concept of the "True Believer." That seems to be where I'm at now. I listen to Irish music as much as I can...over the net, cds, in my car (90.7 on weekends) and I blab about the simple yet incredable intrument to my disinterested friends. I have been seriously playing the tin whistle for about a year now and I will try to employ your recomendations.
Simon   27/Apr/2002:09:42:53
Hallo Bruder Steve!

Da lasse ich mich doch nicht zweimal bitten, das Gästebuch auf deutsch zu unterschreiben. Leider weile ich grade in Grossbritannien, sodass meine Zugriffe für das falsche Land gezaehlt werden... *g*
Ich habe mir grade meine erste Blechflöte gekauft und bin bei der Suche nach Material au Deine Seite gestossen. Ich hoffe, dass ich irgendwann mal so weit sein werde, bis dahin über ich aber erst noch ein bisschen "Whiskey in the Jar" aus beiliegendem Buch.
Vielen Dank, und weiter so!
Kate O'Rielly   26/Apr/2002:08:25:44
This site is wonderful, keep up the excellent work. I'm adding this page to my list of favorites!!
Jason Morris   23/Apr/2002:14:10:58
Well thank God somebody put this on the web.

The last hour and a bit spent reading your website have quadrupled the dimensions of my tin whistle for me. I've been blessed with being surrounded by Irish traditional music from childhood, and I'm happy to be able to confirm that I know what a Jig is supposed to sound like. Ornamentation on a tin whistle, however, had remained mysterious, because no one in my immediate family knew how to do it. That mystery has been cleared, and you can rest assured I'll be coming back to relearn what I forget.

Fantastic site. Keep up the good work.

darvis mccoy   22/Apr/2002:22:09:54
Good site, I'm a beginner, so this is just what I need.
Miguel   22/Apr/2002:13:48:14
Simply an amazing site for whistlers!
So much I've learned!
Blessed be!
Cecilia   20/Apr/2002:14:05:44
Thank you so much for this site! I'm just a beginner and have been
looking for a site like this for a while. It's wonderful. The sound clips with the sheet music really help a lot.
Debbie   20/Apr/2002:08:32:23
Hi Steve...I found your site through C-&-F and come here quite frequently but realized I have never told you what a help it is to me...Thanks!!

I don't listen to much ITM but now know that I need to if I am going to get the hang of this. You'd think living in Eastern Canada, I would be immersed in it!!!!

You're a great teacher!

Frank   19/Apr/2002:18:21:10
Being Irish I am very VERY impressed with this site. Having played the tin whistle ('an feadog' in the gaelic language) some years ago and given up in frustration when I got to reels I now intend giving it another go. The music clips are really good and bring the written music to life. I will be visiting this site on a regular basis looking for new tunes as they are added. Keep up the good work, Brother.
Charlie   19/Apr/2002:10:34:19
I love the sound and the music people play on the whistle but I apparently have no talent for playing - just doing some research here. Thanks for building a site.

Eduardo Chinen   19/Apr/2002:08:25:10
I absolute love music and now I have the chance to learn much more about it. I'm learning about musical theory, read music sheet and I hope as soon as possible I going to play violin and obvious the tin-
So, I gonna say this site is wonderful and I enjoy it so much, I read the entire site and I learn so much about the tin whistle. By the way, I'm from Brasil, living in São Paulo the most beauty city in this country, I heard once this music on the radio they just called jig and they sad that's a popular music from Irish and since then I'm looking for more information about the music and the instruments to
play it.
Well, I just have to say that's music is wonderfull and the tin whistle is the most incredible instrument I never saw before.

PS: Sorry about my worst English ever, so I will come back to visit this site as long as I can ok! Thanks.
Liam Cunningham   17/Apr/2002:06:19:46
Looks great I shall attempt to go through it with the same care as you have produced the site. I just hope I have the commitment to see it through!!! Daunting!!???
Rob   16/Apr/2002:10:42:34
Stupendous site, thanx ......i'm only one of the beginners you mentioned earlier, and will likely massacre my fair share....ho hum !!!!
boris LE NEVE   16/Apr/2002:10:16:52
Un grand merci pour ce site tres complet et interessant. Etant saxophoniste de formation ( classique + jazz), je me suis mis a la tin whistle il y a un an apres avoir ecoute les chieftains pour la premiere fois ( les vieux vinyls du papa).
Puis j'ai elargi ma discographie et je n'ecoute plus que ca ! J'ai la chance de jouer avec un guitariste et d'assister a des sessions tous les vendredis soirs au "poitin still" dans ma petite ville de Quimper (Bretagne), bien que je n'ai pas encore ose y participer. J'ai recemment achete une low whistle suzato (D) et j'aimerai beneficier de quelques uns de vos conseils sur le jeu particulier de ce fabuleux instrument.
Merci d'avance: un breton-whistleur !
Michael   16/Apr/2002:00:42:31
Thanks for all the good information. I've only been playing a week or so now, but have fallen in love whit my whistles. My wife is going nuts, my dog is howling, and I am having a great time. Your work is appreciated.
Steve   15/Apr/2002:17:06:03
This is a GREAT place for a beginner like me. I don't have folks arround to play things for me so I can hear how something really goes so thanks for the sound clips!!!!!!!
MaryAnn McCoey   14/Apr/2002:18:38:01
Greetings from Australia! What fun! Playing along with your samples is like someone to play with who doesn't put earplugs in! I've learnt enough so far that my hubbie (on guitar) and I can play in "public" and they actually like it - I think. Your notes on breathing have been very helpful . Thanks for your educational and happy site.
John MacIntyre   13/Apr/2002:23:34:32
I was referred to your site from the Tully's Whistles site. Eric is an old friend of mine.
Ken Lane   13/Apr/2002:22:42:07
Hi there, I have been playing whistle for about 10 years, I am still an amatuer as I have never had anyone else to practice with. I just discovered your sight and will enjoy exploring it, thanks
Ken Lane, North East British Columbia, Canada
Liz Perilloux   13/Apr/2002:20:26:52
I have THREE whistles and haven't learned to play. But then I haven't really concentrated efforts on this since I don't have anyone here to help me. Found this link on Steve Seifert's web page and hope to be able to use it to help me. I love the whistle's sound when played by someone who does it well.

Sandy   12/Apr/2002:21:06:33
Thanks, Steve! I can finally play a slide! Very nice site; well done! :0)
jason   07/Apr/2002:01:35:55
thanks I need all the help that I can get!!!
Dave   03/Apr/2002:01:39:37
What a great site! I've been playing whistle for years and I think your site explains things wonderfully!! The only other resource I've found that explains rolls well is the L.E. McCullough stuff (and I think you do it better!) You're bang on when you say you NEED TO HEAR all of the ornamentation before you're ready to play! I'm recommending this site every chance I get!
Sean Flynn   02/Apr/2002:17:50:45
This is my first visit, thanks for putting together a really informative site, that's easy to navigate. I visited with an enquirey about jigs your comments and tips have answered all my questions thanks I'll definately be back, right now I'm of to practice.
myrna michell   02/Apr/2002:10:10:44
Just starting up, but since I read music well, I may as well also learn good, useful habits from the start. Thanks for tips such as 'not lifting a finger' (which was starting to dawn on me). I use Peter Pickow's little guide, from about 1980, short but practical with a variety of tune sources.
Myrna, Cambridge, UK
Mark Whitcombe   02/Apr/2002:00:02:27
great stuff -- now to work through it! Thanks!!!
Susan   01/Apr/2002:20:37:19
As a beginner I can use all the help I can get. Thanks Steve!
Mike Bennett   01/Apr/2002:13:33:13
I'm just getting started on the tin-whistle and your site has been so helpful. Now I just need to be patient and learn everything there is to learn so I can play just like the examples.
liz   27/Mar/2002:12:54:21
neat site :o}
Wes Hamlyn 25/Mar/2002:16:47:08
Brother Steve you've put together an incredibly valuable resource here! I never really understood how rolls were supposed to be played before I came across the blah-da-da method... genius! It was like somebody turning on the light switch "Oh! That's a roll!!!". Thank you
Liz Campbell   24/Mar/2002:12:22:27
What a great resource! I am one who needs words to explain what I am hearing...this helps a lot--give me many more excuses to toodle away some hours. Thank you for all your hard work! Liz
katsuji   24/Mar/2002:04:49:25
Wow ! What a great site ! I only wish that this site was in Japanese. Well, I try to read with my poor English. Many thanks to Brother Steve.
Sunny   23/Mar/2002:17:19:47
Thanks so much for the terrific info and photos! I play a little but it's difficult to find whistle players in Wisconsin, USA, so your techniques and tips were terrific to read!
I work in a music store where we are featuring our whistles and whistle music. It's unfortunate we all can't learn by just playing. I'd like to use your "closeup" photo of tinwhisles for our display sign, but need your permission first. You can't work in a music store too long before getting sensitive about copyrights. Thanks again for the guidance, and hopefully your permission to use the picture!
lisa   22/Mar/2002:19:08:09
awesome, cool, thanks a million for the site!
Frances VanMaaren   20/Mar/2002:19:20:18
Iam trilled with your clear concise intructions. Not at all exhausting or boring. You make it so much fun! Your audio examples are great. Keep up the great work. I will continue to support you. Thanks
Micah   18/Mar/2002:11:33:16
Brother Steve,

Thanks for the work you put into maintaining and expanding this site. Keep it up! Your site is as good as the best published whistle tutors, and it's concise and free, to boot! Sound files are a big help as well. Between this site and Chiff -&- Fipple, the cyber-whistler need look no further.

all the best,
Roland   15/Mar/2002:23:58:00
Just took delivery of two lovely whistles, the Clarke Sweetone and Walton's Little Black Whistle. Gotta say I love the sound and fully intend to use this site and others like it to truly become proficient. You're never to old to learn. I've always loved the music; now perhaps I can play along when I visit Ireland this June.

Stephen Seifert Stephen Seifert's Home Page 13/Mar/2002:16:33:53
Thanks so much for your awesome site! After many years of playing whistle on the side, I've finally got something that sounds somewhere near a roll! I learned something today! Thank YOU!!!
Craig Mitchell   12/Mar/2002:18:31:01
I found ya thru Chiff and Fipple. So glad to know that I am not the
only one out here in love with pennywhistles and flutes.
Deon Pool   08/Mar/2002:04:57:41
Peter Booth (Bååth)   05/Mar/2002:06:51:37
I will do my best to sound as good as possible. Thanks for the rolls and triplets. Now I have to figger out howe to do it on the fiddle.'
Joe Hoggard   04/Mar/2002:01:02:17
Brother Steve and fellow communicants,
I, too, learned about this site from Chiff and Fipple, and were it not for the lessons herein, I might have remained one of those god awful whistlers tongueing every note and essentially classicizing (if that's a word) folk tunes. Blame it on primary school exposure to the recorder and alto sax. The internet is a boon for folks browsing for music--both written and recorded, but this site provides real-world insight to put it together for the aspiring musician--and for that I'm grateful. I've tried out a half dozen different whistles and am a huge fan of the Clarke Sweetones. I'm well into the manic stage of playing my whistle whenever humanly possible and have opened my ears to a variety of celtic musicians, and every time I'm pleasantly surprised at new interpretations of tunes I've practiced.

BTW I love the "cruncy croutons" analogy from the meditations section. It's true and it's tasty!
John Hunter   27/Feb/2002:23:45:50
a great source of wisdom for a fumbling wannabe
boris   25/Feb/2002:07:48:02
Hi to all!
This is a great site. I bought tin whistle in Dublin last october and a little note book but only when i visited this site I found out what whistling is really about. So keep up with a good work and wish me more free time for praktice (i need it ). All best wishes from Dubrovnik ( Croatia )
Mark Flett The electronic CV of M. Flett 24/Feb/2002:13:40:17
Hi Bro Steve..

Just taken up the whistle after years of bashing the bodhran (finally want to become a musician :-)) I have read the meditations part and agree 100% about the listening bit. I consider myself to be fortunate in having played/listened through more sessions than was good for my liver.

Supporting your view... is that I was in a folk-roots band with a fantastic violinist from the Czech Republic and although classically trained it was some time before she put away the sheet music and switched on her ears. It was almost that the music came straight off the page and straight out of her fiddle and never actually registered in her conciousness. Must go now as it seem there are lots more goodies on your website that I've yet to enjoy Ta ta
Ken Stewart   23/Feb/2002:11:16:25
You have perhaps the best site for learning tinwhistle. I have bought
books, cds, and videos that were not as good as what I can learn from your website. Thanks for the blessing..
Gloria   22/Feb/2002:16:51:09
I'm a grad student doing an assignment on webbing for students. Ilove Celtic pipe music especially tinwhistles, low whitles and Ullian and this gave me the perfect excuse to follow through on this interest of mine. I own a pennywhistle and when I use to try and practice my very gentle cat would literally get up on my lap and paw the whistle out of my mouth. I would start laughing so much I had to take it as a sign to either give up the instrument or only attempt to practice when my beloved cat was outside!
Glad to see so much interest on the Internet about these instrument.
Howard bozeman   21/Feb/2002:13:16:13
Thanks for your efforts to make this site great. It has helped my playing very much.
Pat Henry   21/Feb/2002:03:29:46
lisa   20/Feb/2002:15:47:14
Thanks for offering support for tin whistle players!
Manfred   20/Feb/2002:11:24:23
Brother Steve,
just checked back and saw the new section on triplet. Excellent! A real eyeopener. I have a question about triplets, but will post it on C-&-F.
Vielen herzlichen Dank fuer die Zeit und Muehe, die Du in Deine Web-Seite investierst. Nicht nur ist die Info hier erstklassig und einzigartig im Internet, Du schreibst auch hervorragened. Ich bin wirklich froh, dass Deine Tips und Beispiele mich waehrend meiner besessenen Whistle-Phase begleiten. Ich freue mich schon auf die gestossenen Triolen!

Alles Gute,
Manfred a/k/a Bloomfield
Karen   19/Feb/2002:19:38:02
Is the tin whistle the same as the penny whistle? What's the origin of the term penny whistle? What country, how old? Thanks
Muriel   16/Feb/2002:13:01:18
In so many ways a complete nutcase! At 78 years (old? Naaagh!), having joined a fan club for the first time in my life (Celtus - Irish folk/rock band) I decided there was more in life than dog-breeding (retd./Dobermanns) and surfing, so decided to have a go at whistlin'! One of our club members sent me some stuff by snailmail, but decided to have a look for myself. I found this wonderful site! Guess what? I'm now sending her interesting bits and trifles! Until I found this site I had a mind to start translating ancient Greek into Latin by way of something easier, but gave it up: I think the smattering of Irish blood does strange things to people - inherited memory or something, I believe it's called! By the way, try the music of Celtus - it's wonderful!!!
Letitia (my nickname   15/Feb/2002:00:28:28
Hi Steve,
I have just discovered your site, and would like to say: "Thankyou sooooooo much" It is soooo great! I am just starting to learn the tin whistle, coz I just fell in love with it, it sounds soooo beautifull! Your site is great, I love it, it is so easy to understand, and the sound wavs or what ever you call them are such a help! Thankyou soooo much! One happy player........Tish!!!!!!
Johnathan R. Hurst   14/Feb/2002:18:01:28
Excellent site!
You have tamed the beast.. now it is my turn!

best of luck on your endeavors, keep up the great work!

and thanks for this great servis to others!
M K Cameron   11/Feb/2002:08:49:00
Hey Steve-

I recently bought a tin whistle and am having a lot of fun with it. I can play a few other instruments, and find the whistle great!
Ger Cloosterman CHQlinks 11/Feb/2002:05:34:31
Dear Bro Steve,
Been playing the damn thing for over 20 yrs now. It was quite a relief to see you voicing the same opinions that I have held for all that period, and with which I bore the bejaysus out of the people in my band ( to no avail, alas). Thank you ever so much.
Dave Ruark   11/Feb/2002:03:47:54
I'm a new whistle player and I found your site both informative and attractive. I've come back to it a number of times. I especially appreciate the 'Dah-blah-blah' method (though I'm not sure if my wife
does). Very helpful, thank you.
Joel Nevison   07/Feb/2002:14:15:20
Been playing for 15 months and browsed your site a few times, but today I had an honest to goodness question that you answered. I'm learning ornaments, just a few for the tunes thatI like that seem to need them. You have a bit more info than my main source so far - Bill Ochs book.
Thanks - Joel
Gustavo Valdez Aufra   06/Feb/2002:00:11:37
hi i'm from argentina and i'm sick as you all with this instrument
Nick   31/Jan/2002:07:45:28

Love it! What a great help - and an inspiration too. I also had a chronic shoulder problem and had to give up the celtic harp, so now it's the whistle (not as easy as I thought it was going to be).
A question: I'm considering buying a Jon Swayne low D or Bb - what do you think of your high D?

Keep up the good work!

PS I'm assuming you're not the Stephen Jones who has a column in the Sunday Times, or the Stephen Jones who plays no.10 for Llanelli, or the Stephen Jones who.....
Bob Paulus   28/Jan/2002:21:51:09
Brother Steve,

What a great site! So much useful information about the tin whistle. I will get a lot of help from your clear discussion of ornaments. Discussion of jigs also very good. Thanks for your hard work.

pat stewart   28/Jan/2002:13:53:42
i've been playing for two years, learning mostly by ear i found your site very helpful, thanks
Yves Laforest   19/Jan/2002:23:27:31
Thank you. I'm from Squamish, British Columbia. I've been listening to the likes of Mary Bergin doing passages with triple tonguing, which I could not, for the life of me, figure out. Your Daah blaah blaah method sounds like the solution to the long musical mystery.
Yan Yannych's Home Page (but in russian) 19/Jan/2002:13:13:02
Hi from Russija!
My name is Yan and I want to say thanks! for the interesting free information about tin whistle's technique! I'm professional percussionist and now play drums in Russian Celtic Rock group 'Tintal' but my soul sometimes want to fill melodies and tunes.

Best wishes, Yannych
Joe Pitre   13/Jan/2002:18:54:52
Brother Steve,
Truly outstanding site - definitely among the best out there. I've been playing wooden flute for the past 10 years and only in the last year have I started to make the progress I was looking for. Now as I get closer to playing the way I want to, I get a new respect for the subtle things that can have a large effect on your playing. I talk to a few people locally who are at earlier stages in their playing and I'm going to point them in your direction.
Long may you Dahh Blahh Blahh.
chris Frank   13/Jan/2002:15:04:33
I am really enjoying the site and trying to refine my style. The tutorials are really helpful and I will continue using them regularly.
Thanks for your work, it is much appreciated (and marvelled at !)
Jinje   11/Jan/2002:14:46:49
Just found your site, via Chiff and Fipple. I have been having a go for the last couple of years and like your informal way of instruction. Any Learning aids in the way of a cd and /or tune book?
Tom Gallagher Gallagher website (not very snzzy, huh?) 11/Jan/2002:09:23:55
Brother Steve:
Just learned of your site from my fellow Chiff -&- Fipple whistlers. I GREAT site. There's a lot of work and experience reflected here and I've enjoyed reading the few pages I've been able to take in (not a lot of time right now). Trust me, I've bookmarked your site. I love the non- technical, almost "Whistles For Dummies" writing style: very conversational, as if we were in my living room. I love it!
Kien Khaon   10/Jan/2002:08:07:39
Great page.
I've been searching forever for a page like this. Now i can finally learn all the basic. Thanks for everything.
Rex Button   09/Jan/2002:13:59:04
Brother Steve:

Thanks for all the excellent tips, and the wonderful *.mp3 files. Because of your site, I'm finally making progress on the tin whistle my spouse got for me two Xmasses ago! I'm totally amateur, but loving it!
Wizzy Fingers 09/Jan/2002:13:54:15
Hi Bro.
Wizzy thinks you web site is a toper, well done the stuff is about right. But we think you need to have a Free sample Alba whistle to give a good work out, then maybe you can see where its at man. Viset our site send us an E Big D will get back to you.
A.Odom   09/Jan/2002:10:20:35
Thank you for the great site! Thank you for the time and effort it took to put it together just so whistlers can get better!

mario   07/Jan/2002:13:22:00
Excellent site ! I' m actually more of string instruments fan though i must admit tin whistle is really haunting ..
keep it up !
Ray Conrad   06/Jan/2002:17:52:12
Just checkin' you out, and it looks good so far/
Diana Wolf   06/Jan/2002:16:57:36
Hi Brother Steve,
Thanks for your very nice site! I really appreciate your thoughtful approach to vibrato and tonging (ie admitting that different folks have different approaches that are all valid, rather than declaring that only one way is right). Your sound clips are very nice as well. Keep up the good work!
Wilson D. Hart   06/Jan/2002:04:46:38
Brother Steve,
This is truly a wonderful and informative site. A friend and I were trying to figure out slides by experimenting. Your information on portamento was very helpful. I also like your lazy whistler's guide to fingering.
Thanks for sharing!
Wilson D. Hart
HAYES   05/Jan/2002:21:43:58
HI From oklahoma. I am 62yrs old retired farmer. order myfrist tinwhistle today from the whistle shop.the MEL BAY's starter set for begenners.I HOPE lo lo Ilove music. hope i live long enough to play it lo lo GOOD WAB SITE
jim   01/Jan/2002:03:51:55
Just getting started and it nice to have sites like yours with such helpful info on the basics. thanks for the labour!
Anthony   29/Dec/2001:20:34:43
Thanks much for the practical, well-thought out introduction to long rolls. You have taken something long imbued with great mystery and made it accessible for us the great unwashed! Well done. Anthony
Ian   28/Dec/2001:21:33:26
Hey, i'm just a beginner looking round for some stuff on ornamentation. Thank you for the info.
Kiirsi Hellewell   22/Dec/2001:02:15:50
I discovered your great site about a week ago and it's helped me so much. I am fairly new to the whistle but I love it and was getting discouraged that I didn't seem to be making any progress. Then I came across your site and I am already doing better, just in a couple of days of reading your instructions! Thanks for writing such a clear, concise, simple set of instructions for people like me who can't afford or don't have access to lessons. Your directions are much clearer to me than a lot of others I've seen on the web. Playing the whistle really makes me happy and it's great to have people like you out there dispensing good, high-quality free info about something we all love so much. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Kiirsi H.
Brother Rick   19/Dec/2001:09:07:51
ExcVery cool page, Thanks for the instructions on rolls, at last I know whawhat I'm about! keep up the good work.
Gach maith duit
Eric. Ps. me best friend is called 'Brother Steve'funny auld world!
Bruce Evans   15/Dec/2001:10:56:48
Just a quick Hi! I can't always get to your site. I'm doing this from work on Saturday morning, and the firewall usually blocks you out. But I'm going to look at everything as quickly as possible. I'm a beginning whistler, but long time musician. Thanks for sharing!
Bill Watson   14/Dec/2001:12:37:58
Brother Steve:

I was led to your site yesterday when visiting the Chiff -&- Fipple site yesterday. Your approach to Basic ornamentation is something that I've been looking for.

I'll let you know how I do.

Bill Watson
Tom Flagg   12/Dec/2001:13:58:39
I really appreciate all of the good information you have on your site. I've been playing my whistles for about a year now, and actually played them on a gig for the first time earlier this week at Jack's Irish Pub in the Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas. It's amazing how much my minimally oranmented, less-than-perfect whistling adds to some of our Irish tunes. Thanks from a beginning whistler with much to learn.
S.A. Walsh   12/Dec/2001:12:37:25
Very Nice Website. Long Live The Whistle and the People that Blow Them.
Jenny   12/Dec/2001:12:24:42
Great site Brother Steve! I've bookmarked it and will be coming back to visit soon. Your really helping me with ornamentation which is what I've been struggling with.Thanks.
Blues Harp bob   11/Dec/2001:17:01:17
I`m new to the Celtic world of music, and am playing fiddle and harmonica with a 7 piece Ceili band....learning tin whistles, and want to purchase a low D.....can you help?? Thanks and keep up the GREAT site...

(Blues Harp) Bob
Marilyn Moedinger   10/Dec/2001:18:52:46
Thank you so much for this lovely and informative site! I have been playing whistle since I was about 11 years old...I have been in that "obsession" period ever since =) I appreciate your sound recordings too; I agree that listening is the best way to learn. Of course my roommates don't necessarily agree! Thanks again...
Detlef   10/Dec/2001:12:14:14
Great Site

this will be my starting point for learning.

Frohe Weihnachten
Ernie Thomas   09/Dec/2001:23:43:48
Just bought my Clarke Penny Whistle and am trying to get down the basics. Maybe one day I'll be able to play a whole tune!!
Ellen   09/Dec/2001:01:18:26
Found your site through Dale Wisely - and it's great. The suggestions on fingering are very helpful, as it is very hard to keep up with more established players and anything that helps with speed is appreciated. Your comments on rhythms were also very useful: I had the hardest time figuring out why the notes I was reading in the sheet music didn't correspond exactly to what I was hearing from the other players. I'll be back to read more soon. Thanks!
Frosty McWilliams   08/Dec/2001:05:53:36
Good Work!
john allan   07/Dec/2001:15:02:12
great site
very well done!
Yves Laforest   07/Dec/2001:11:13:52
Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn more (see, hear, play)
about the whistle better. I found your site very good.

I am sorry that I did not get to it earlier - perhaps I was not ready yet. I was getting a bit disheartened because, as I was looking for exactly what you offer, it seemed that people wanted to be paid to part with the information.

Thanks again.
Gary Sullivan   07/Dec/2001:02:21:48
Poteen in Melbourne? Ah, the memories, Steve. Sad ones with the happy ones, too, thinking of the untimely loss of Simon Melia. But fortunately I live in Brunswick and there's a Scotsman here you know who has a weakness for Celtic music.

My friends and I have the fondest memories of attending Poteen sessions at the Dan and at Port Fairy. It's been a long time, and I've heard a lot of Irish music, but Poteen is right up there!

Back to your website. Thanks so much for the tips.

Kathleen   05/Dec/2001:13:30:55
I recently began playing Irish flute and penny whistle after buying a very lovely hand made wooden flute. I am self-educated and used to play mostly medieval and rennaissance music. I practice with a friend who is playing fiddle after years of classical training. We're both coming to the music from someplace else and we are often conscious of shaking off old habits and associations. I am soooo glad you wrote about the "obsession" period in learning this music because I was wondering about that...keeping a flute or whistle handy in the kitchen while cooking has made me aware I was becoming a tad preoccupied....Anyway I hope you will continue to build up the web-site, its lots of fun!
Richard Hall   04/Dec/2001:18:52:21
Great site - thanks!
I'm a (very) novice whistler who found your pages very encouraging.
Mike Gross   02/Dec/2001:21:24:49
Thank you very much for this website!
I am a beginner at the tin whistle and find the information on your site a great help.
Thanks again!
James Buck   29/Nov/2001:18:55:25
myra hirschberg   27/Nov/2001:13:58:35
thank you! thank you! this site is just what I've needed - I've been playing on my own for a few months, and have been feeling a bit lost about just what I should be practising - you've given me a guide to what I need to work on.
Mark Gowman East Rochester HS Music 26/Nov/2001:14:07:47
I just found your site for the first time and it is excellent! Like Dale Wisely who signed a few days ago, I feel like a moron for just discovering it now. I have a small traditional Irish music group at my high school, and am always trying to find ways of explaining Irish style to my students. I think your pages on ornamentation, etc. are the absolute best I've seen on the web. Congratulations on creating such a valuable resource!
efraim eytan   25/Nov/2001:12:49:30
Jens Hellmann   25/Nov/2001:12:33:30
Hi Steve.

Fantastic Page on Whistling you got there.
You raelly helped me a lot an ornamentations.

Greetings from germany,
Jim Ediger   24/Nov/2001:21:24:16
Hi Steve -
Two recent stumblings upon - your superbly informative site; and book w/ CD you and Jean Duval -&- Golo have put out, A Dossan of Heather, through Mel Bay, no less! I'm greatly heartened by both of these labours of love. Please pass my best regards to Jean, Emily -&- friends in Montreal!

Jim Ediger, Tokyo

Mike.Regan   23/Nov/2001:15:50:35
Your tips on fingering shortcuts helped me a lot,thanks!
robert robinson   23/Nov/2001:10:51:27
Nancy F   22/Nov/2001:23:03:43
Thank you Steve, I love your site and just wish I lived 3000 miles closer so I could take some lessons from you. Your comments on not lifting a finger endorse where I've been heading, thanks! See you on C-&-F board, N
Dale Wisely Chiff -&- Fipple 22/Nov/2001:21:34:46
I am so stupid. I can't imagine how I missed this website. I'm sure people told me and I just was napping or in a coma or something. Anyway, it's great and, combined with Chiff -&- Fipple, we could RULE THE WORLD!

Meg   21/Nov/2001:21:39:03
Dear Steve,

Like others I stumbled on your site searching on the hunch that I might find tips on the web to help me with the two "C's" and I did right here thank you. I'm a beginning whistler, coming over from years of recorder playing, so I have some "unlearning" to do as far as fingerings go. I'm also trying to force myself to play more by ear.

Thanks for putting up such a helpful page.

Xavier Beaven   20/Nov/2001:20:59:40
Oops... Left you the wrong e-mail adress on the last post. This is the right one. Sorry about that!

Xavier Beaven   20/Nov/2001:20:57:31
Steve, my friend and mentor!!!

I stumbled across the site while looking for some sheet music, thought I'd leave you a note. Thanks to you, I am very much on my way on the whistle. My repertoire is now well over 50 tunes, and people I play with at sessions and such say I keep getting better all the time... I am hoping to go and visit you some day soon at the church (if that is where you still teach... )

Once again, thank you, and I hope to see you in the near futur...

Brent   20/Nov/2001:08:38:48
This is a very good site...It helped me on the road to ornamentation (the end isn't in site yet...)Thanks!

Amir   18/Nov/2001:12:11:33
Great site ! very helpful for me as a beginner.Thanks !!
Martin Milner   15/Nov/2001:10:43:42
Thanks Brother Steve! Lots of good practical tips on breathing, tonguing, alternate fingering and ornamentation. I'm happy to see that my lazy fingering is OK, and my economical tonguing is equally acceptable. That said, I need to practise triple-tonguing now to offer variety to the ear.
Lots to absorb - I'll be back.
Jason Youé   13/Nov/2001:14:26:11
Very nice professional site. Some very helpful hints and tips for those of us who like to pretend we are 'intermediate' level and all in a nice lighthearted style. The bits about spouses chucking stuff at you once they've had enough of your practice I can really relate to!
Krisjay   13/Nov/2001:10:23:47
Oh, this is just wonderful. Thank you so much.
Stay safe
Chad   13/Nov/2001:09:47:16
Just discovered the tin whistle a week ago and just discovered your site today. Thanks for going through all the work and trouble. Looks great.
Sean Flynn   10/Nov/2001:16:29:08
Teresa Orpurt   09/Nov/2001:20:43:43
Thanks Brother Steve. I liked your site. I've been playing for a few years, but there is no one else around my area who plays. It's nice to connect with a fellow whistler. I'm a kitchen whistler myself. I don't cook many meals anymore, but it sure sounds good in there.


Teresa Orpurt
Ian Williams   06/Nov/2001:19:00:09
Good work Steve. Very interesting. Keep up the good work
Duncan Golicher   27/Oct/2001:14:34:03
Thanks for putting all the work into making a fantastic web site. For the first time I've realised how the tunes work. If you have a chance, could you put a section on reels to complement the wonderful treatment of jigs.
John English index.htm 25/Oct/2001:19:29:47
Excellent sight, as a fellow begginer, although I am sure you play better than I, it was pleasant to find a sight that explains everything in plain english.
Marci Haneisen   21/Oct/2001:17:51:36

Thank you for the wonderful site. I particularly like the section on alternate fingering techniques. I played the saxophone for a few years in high school and then had several years without any instrument playing. Consequently, tin whistle fingering has been a challenge. Tahanks for the help.
Nancy Rasmussen   21/Oct/2001:06:53:00
Great site. I'm doing a curriculum project on traditional Irish music and this site will help students as they learn about Irish music.
eni   19/Oct/2001:14:37:20
Hi Steve, I´m a 18-year old tinwhistling girl from south germany- ich mach jetzt lieber auf deutsch weiter, da du ja deutsch verstehst...
Also, ich bin seit zwei Jahren begeisterte Whistle-Playerin und es freut mich übermässig nach so langer suche endlich mal eine gute Internetseite hierzu gefunden zu haben. Thank you very, very much!!!
Greetings to Ireland, eni.

Freiburg, Germany
Bro. Frank Hagerty,   11/Oct/2001:23:38:36
Dear Bro. Steve,
I am glad to have found your website. It is quite well done, and I have enjoyed it. I play whistle (though not very well), among several other instruments, and I enjoy Celtic music. Thanks for your website and for your music!
Bro. Frank
in Alabama
Manfred   10/Oct/2001:17:25:44
I am back and I still love your page. But please, please, please put up
your section on crans! I have been waiting and waiting, and I am sure I am not the only one (check if you don't believe me, a thread on crans...).

Also, I recently picked up Packie Manus's book. Lovely. Great job you did, and I love the tunes.
Keep it up! Thanks.


P.S.: Remember the section on crans? We *need* it!
Jim Kane   09/Oct/2001:18:33:36
Great Site Brother Steve! I've only picked up a whistle within the last three months and your site has given me valuable insight on how to play. Thanks.
Mick Furey   22/Sep/2001:08:59:33
Just a flying visit out of curiosity from Dave Auty,s site. Looks like fun, Steve I will return. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with reading guestbooks at the moment. All I get is a quick flash of the comment at the top of the page; so quick it's almost subliminal, but persistent enough for me to let it go. So maybe you'll have trouble reading this, too.
Seriously, it looks good, Steve.
Slan go foill.
Stephen Johnson   22/Sep/2001:07:33:53
Excellent site, - I have been playing the whistle for nearly two years nearling mainly from web tutorials. Your site has opened my eyes to many things and contains secrets explained nowhere else. Top Quality! Keep up the superb work
Neal Carey   17/Sep/2001:10:17:15
Great Pages. I just picked up a couple of whistles and a copy of Geraldine Cotter's Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor and my daughter and I are working through it. Your site adds a lot of interesting supplemental material and more detail on ornaments. Keep up the good work, I'll be checking back often. Thanks.
Chris Watford   12/Sep/2001:21:19:57
Excellent work. I plan on coming back often.
Patrick McGuire   11/Sep/2001:00:51:06
Steve: I linked to your site from Pat O'Gorman's site. If he has your link, it has to be good. Sure enough, it is. Some good audio clips of style and rythmn. Sometimes I am at a loss for words to describe what a person might be doing wrong in playing a piece of music. Being a relatively new player and relying on my ear, rather than the printed music, I can get myself into some nice teaching "jams" as I try to pass on what little I know about tin whistle, to eager learners. Well now I can pass on your site to up and coming T W players ( I do believe a laziness factor, on my part, may be involved here) and wish them luck on their journey through your site. Nicely put together, with some good additional links. You may want a link to Scoiltrad (sp????) as an additional resource site. Slán
P.S: I see that Max Kasper has hit your site. She is a promising beginner with a lovely style. Now I'm beginning to see that she may be relying on more than her weekly lessons at my hands :))
tom joyce   09/Sep/2001:08:56:19
Steve, Great site. I began playing the whistle at the age of 45 after wanting to learn for nearly 30 years. I had been at it a little while when I came upon your site. I realized I was doing some things incorrectly...too much tonguing. The examples you provide on cuts, rolsls, etc is invaluable. Keep up the good work.
Tom Joyce
Norah Rendell   08/Sep/2001:18:52:32
Great sight - dense with useful tips! Deborah Jackson told me about this site in May when I visited her in Montreal and I have only now looked it up. It will be very useful for me, a recorder player gone gaga for the whistle. I ran into you at McGibbons one Monday in May and I believe it was a water weasel you were playing - is their sound as loud and clear as I remember?
Paul Moran   08/Sep/2001:15:52:58
This is a very helpful page. I (a rank beginner) much appreciate the sound examples - both that there are "how to" and "how not to," and that the examples start slow before working up to full speed. The da-
blah-blah method for rolls is most enlightening. I'd love to see more on proper rhythm, too - how to time ornaments to replace tonguing and still give the right flow, as well as rhythm for other types of tunes. This site must have taken quite a bit of effort to get rolling - I certainly appreciate it!
Kevin Muldoon   06/Sep/2001:14:17:45
Thanks for one of the best quotes I've ever read!
"I love this violin playing. It's so wonderfully smooth and flowing, and
then all of a sudden there's these little crunchy bits that are just
delicious!" --An impressed classical violinist remarking on Kevin Burkes

Great site!

If you know of any beginner/intermediate players in Dallas, have them
email me for a slow session on Sunday's.
Alice Flynn Alice Flynn, Art and Music 26/Aug/2001:13:38:56
What a great web site you have created! I particularly like the sound file examples you provided regarding Swallowtail jig and understanding the differences in rhythm. I will be linking to your website from my page on traditional music. I am a singer, and have taken up the penny whistle again after not playing it for over 20 years. More sound clip examples of rhythm (dos and don'ts) would be helpful to others learning to play Irish music on any instrument. BR

Alice Flynn, Montana, USA
Pat O'Leary   26/Aug/2001:11:27:16
steve, greetings from Boston...just discovered your site from the aSessions site.....can't wait to delve into it....been playing for some time....consider myself an intermediate level....(play daily in my auto)......really hooked on the whistle.....looking forward to learning from your site....your canoe photo is very appropriate to me as thats what i do when on vacation in Maine....take my whistle and tapes to a secluded part of a lake and play weekly at a slow sessions group in Boston....thanks for providing another valuable resource. all the best, Pat O'Leary
Gary Jones   23/Aug/2001:17:23:57
Thanks for the great info and encouragement.

Keep up the good work!
Glauber Ribeiro   23/Aug/2001:12:16:54
What a great site! Thank you very much for your explanations and examples for ornamentations (can't wait to see the section on craning!).

I'm a classically-trained flutist from Brazil, with a lot of experience on Bossa Nova, blues and even some rock, and i've been learning traditional Irish music on and off for a few years now. I've also accumulated a collection of cheap whistles. I like the C Clarke ("traditional") and love the D Sweetone. I finally got a decent keyless conical-bore flute too.

After doing this stuff on and off for a few years, i'm going through my obsessive period now. I can hardly let go of the flute, and the old reels and gigues are beginning to make sense. But this is a hard phase to go through, i hope the light at the end of the tunnel is not an incomming train!

Elaine Pride of Erin Irish Dance 22/Aug/2001:15:58:53
Great page, Steve! I especially liked your explanations of jig rhythm and tonguing. I'm a classical player, so I decided early on that I should quit tonguing completely for a while and learn to cut and roll properly. Now, I'm trying to work Irish-style tonguing back in, and you have given me some nice ideas.

Thanks so much for your effort!
John Barter   21/Aug/2001:07:13:30
Great site. Information and humour nicely combined. eep up the great work.
April Bidigare   18/Aug/2001:21:10:00
I found your website fantastic, exactly what I was hunting the web for. I recently bought a penny whistle and find myself a bit obsessive with it and the irish music, very uplifting. Thank you
Merlin the Dog   18/Aug/2001:11:46:01
Great web site! Good insight into understanding how to really play the whistle.

Beverly Burge   18/Aug/2001:04:25:01
Dear Steve - thanks a million times for your site! It's exactly what I have been looking for! Haven't been able to track down a teacher in Israel yet, but am learning lots from sites like yours. Keep up the good work...

Regards, Bev
Lou   16/Aug/2001:14:10:17
So I'm 39 (almost 40!) and never played a musical instrument in my life! So glad to hear that it's OK to play from ear - trying to read sheet music and hear myself has been killing me. My father and brother where/are both musicians, so at least there's hope for a little musical aptitude in the genes. Thanks for the shot of reality! It's encouraging.
Ewen Lewis   12/Aug/2001:01:59:50
A wonderful site for all whistlers! I discovered the whistle about two weeks ago as a gift from a friend. It was like finding a long lost friend! Since then I've been searching high and low for places on the net to from which to learn. The two most comprehensive sites I've found for instruction are yours and
Happy whistling!
Kevin   06/Aug/2001:11:18:48
Great site - still cant play the whistle tho'.
Caryn Eire Dancing 101 22/Jul/2001:13:47:12
I really love your website! It has been such a huge help teaching me how to play the tin whistle AND Irish Flute. It's great because I am able to use alot of the information on tin whistle and apply it to Irish Flute. Thankyou so much!!!! PLEASE keep up the good work!

Gerry Goggin   13/Jul/2001:21:27:05
I've been looking for the kind of detail that your site offers and am very happy to have found it. Thanks for all your hard work - I putting it to good use!
Janet   06/Jul/2001:04:13:05
Thanks for the time and effort you have put into your pages. I'm 47 and just teaching myself to play the tinwhistle as I've always wanted to be able to play. I have found your pages, information and your sound files invaluable help. Thank you so much.
Rudiger Horn   26/Jun/2001:20:01:06
Rudiger Horn   26/Jun/2001:19:57:06
I'm not a tin whistle player yet, but I would like to become one. Just This question before: What keys can you get tin whistles in? Can you get them in all(C,D,E,G,A etc.)? Thank for helping a newcomer
Max Kasper   24/Jun/2001:13:50:12
greetings from Sudbury, Ontario... just briefly browsing through your page, wish I had more time right now cause I sure like it already... am a new whistle player but very curious about playing to do justice to the music, so many of your comments in the jig section appealed to me...will visit again, glad you are out there.
Karen Roach   23/Jun/2001:08:33:55
Hello Stephen! So I've finally made it to your site, and it's been well worth the time. I've always appreciated your contributions at C-&-F, coming here has added color to the mental picture of who "StevieJ" is. Thanks for all your work and dedication to this glorious instrument we all love so much! Karen Roach
james 17   17/Jun/2001:22:17:44
I don't play the tin whistle but I'm sure this is a great site. I'll be back when I get my hands on one.
Rick Brooks   06/Jun/2001:18:23:49
A well done site. I just bout a Clarke's Celtic a few days ago. I really enjoy it. I appreciate the ornamentation tips here especially.

Chelsea....Oklahoma, that is.
Manfred   31/May/2001:18:09:33
Stephen: What a great page! Extremely well done, you use layout and multimedia beautifully. Great great stuff. I am going back and re-
learning my rolls after reading your pages. The section on Jigs is priceless.

Suggestion: Add a discography.

Thanks---your site is fantastic.
Martin   20/May/2001:19:29:36
Grand site, very useful, I hope?
Dutch   13/May/2001:12:20:30
It's all true what you say.Thanks-Dutch
Cristian De Santis   11/May/2001:08:26:36
Hi great site and great guide.
Do you think to make an italian translation?:)
As you know in Italy Tin whistles are unknown and there are not whistles teacher:)

Thank you for this site
Fernando Herranz   03/May/2001:08:00:58
Congratulations from Spain. When you translate your web to the spanish?.
Jose Luis   29/Apr/2001:21:33:23
Great, Job!!!

We are learning to play the Tin Whistle here at Argentina with your Web.
Thx and continue....
don   20/Apr/2001:22:01:25
nice site keep up the good work!
Mary Lou   19/Apr/2001:22:27:38
My children and I are just learning to play the soprano recorder and stumbled across your site. It's great. We'll try to visit often.
Thanks so much.
Mary Lou, mother of seven
Meg   06/Apr/2001:13:39:09
Dear Brother Steve,

I learned of your site from the links page at The Whistle Shop. I'm new to whistling - haven't touched one yet - but have been doing a lot of reading and listening. Can't wait to get started.

I'm that your site will be a frequent stop long the way on this musical journey!

Thank you for a great site.
Zax To Be Announced 02/Apr/2001:16:19:12

Hello Mr Spinach! i was just going thru my bookmarks and FINALLY made the connection between this page and YOU! LOL! ok, so i can be a bit dense sometimes!

But really, i haven't been here often, because i found it as a newbie and took your advice on your homepage- come back later (once you've learned the basics)! LOL! SO here i came back, and am thoroughly enjoying your site!

Yes, the cuts and rolls sections are just what i was looking for!

Well, this is long enough- thanks for all the help, and i'll see you on the board!
(still female... grin!)
bert   02/Apr/2001:04:18:37
Living in France in splendid (tin-whistle) isolation, your site looks
like just what I needed. You were passed on to me by a French piper,
I'll certainly keep the whistle rolling - sorry, ball rolling.
Jim Mooney   30/Mar/2001:09:59:49
Great Site!!
Mark Johnston   29/Mar/2001:10:45:08
Real nice site Steven. You have some things that others are missing. As close as I've seen to writing the unwritable intangibles to the playing Irish music. I plan to be visiting here somewhat frequently.

Mark Bradley   28/Mar/2001:20:35:43
Now I have two great reasons to be in Montreal. One is two very close friends and now your great site. I've been playing whistle about sixyears now and have visited most of the whistles sites that can be had in this universe, and I search the internet for a living-- I'm a librain here in Windsor Ontario and have never came across yours -- but it is bookmarked and has already been passed on to others.
Keep up the good works, like the pics, they look like the Thistle hall here in Windsor during a ceili. I will drop by when I'm in Montreal.
Mark Fisher   28/Mar/2001:14:09:04
Just found this site (at work) and can't wait to try it out at home with whistle in hand!
Greg Blai   28/Mar/2001:08:07:41
Jim Frey   24/Mar/2001:10:15:04
Great site Steve!!! You da Man! I never really understood tongueing and articulation till I read your rants. Great job. My playing improved immensely in just 15 min after reading your comments and practicing The Star of County Down. I can't wait to read the rest of your material.


Jamie Kerr   21/Mar/2001:14:29:12
Hi Stephen,
Having read your "confessions" section, I'm not sure if I should feel guilty or not. I'd like to think that, if anything, I prompted you to add more to the site. Just because I wasn't able to attend class this time around doesn't mean that I didn't need your advice. Another thing; if you're going to be confessing, hows' about you confess to that nasty yellow wig you were wearing in the St. Pat's Parade? I was going to call out to as you went by, but then I realized my family might wonder about all of those Thursday nights I spent in your class ;)
Take care and keep up the good work!
Meg Ainsworth   20/Mar/2001:23:31:11
WOW! What a find this gem of a sight is! Have been playing the whistle for a little over a year and constantly kept up a whine about no tutors being available!! I have now found one. Now.. My husband is a professional musician and plays clasical/jazz flute, clarinet and saxophone. I excitedly showed him your site and we have been here at the computer for two hours, playing rolls and cuts AND he read the bit about classically trained folk eating humble pie!! He understands!!! What he wants to know the articulation the same for Irish flute i.e the cutting off of notes which is not traditionally recognised in classical flute playing? He's really scratching his head now, and is interested in learning another way if this be so.
Love the sight and look forward to more information when I have the ROLLS perfected.
Mick Woodruff Mick's Virtual Whistle 19/Mar/2001:12:38:46
Hi Stephen,PWhy has it taken me so long to get around to visiting your site?! This is an impressive achievement. I haven't looked in every corner just yet, but you have clearly been very industrious and it is well thought out, interesting and instructive; a great whistling resource...will be adding a link from my own humble site when I finally get my links page up (see, I'm nowhere near as industrious as you!)BR Catch you at C-&-F :-)PMick
Michael   17/Mar/2001:22:26:43
Amazing! Thank you so much for putting such excellent resources out on the internet. I can't wait till more of your tutorials are out!
David Clark It's only our demo. Crap, really. Don't bother lis 05/Mar/2001:19:20:15
It's like sitting beside you at a session, only in my own house! The gripes! The rants! The snide remarks! The truly knowledgeable advice!

Great stuff Steve. What about the fiddle section, though?

Louise Slater   26/Feb/2001:18:23:46
I find this a fun, friendly, and useful Website On Whistle (WOW). I look forward to the sections yet to come! What about adding links to sources for whistle tunes? Is there a good place to hear actual people playing actual tunes (yes, it's called "a pub"--no no, I mean, on-
line), rather than just the sheet music or MIDI representation thereof?

Danke zehr, Herr Professor!

Don Lambert   24/Feb/2001:18:37:53
I am a beginning whistle player. This site has greatly helped me to understand rolls. Excellent site! Thank-you Brother Steve for helping me on with my whistling journey. Keep the good work coming!
Christine   21/Feb/2001:16:34:35
Excelente! Das starkste Website über irische Pfeifemusik dass ich bisher gelesen habe!
Walter Deverell Jr.   19/Feb/2001:13:00:46
Enjoyed your website. I'm new to the penny whistle. Your picture of the person in the canoe with the whistle looks
like a great way to spend a day. Thanks.
bob   16/Feb/2001:20:48:03
very informtive page on jigs keep it coming
alan jones   16/Feb/2001:14:08:01
Good work Steve. Very interesting.
Brendan Walsh   16/Feb/2001:10:06:50
About bloody time you did this, Steve and you're not as lazy as you say you are on your Home Page.! I've been after you for years to do a tutorial on fiddle as well, so where is it? If that turns out as well your T.W. site, it will be just superb! Good Stuff! Brendan
Josh   10/Feb/2001:15:13:22
Well it took me awhile to get around to signing this but here it is: Excellent site! About time someone decided to write about something other than the basics. You bring up some excellent points. Also the navigation is straightforward. Way to go.
Susan Bruyette   05/Feb/2001:15:53:25
I enjoyed your site and look forward to the other sections.
Phil Hardy   04/Feb/2001:15:32:50
What a breath of fresh air,nice work.
bob whitehead   04/Feb/2001:08:06:43
Great site for whistlers. I'm recommending it and passing it on to
other students and teachers
John Calvert 04/Feb/2001:05:43:06
Great site Steve, I've only been learning for 2 months and of all the sites I've visited, your explanations and examples of ornamentation are the best ! Keep up the good work. JEC
Eldarion   03/Feb/2001:21:22:32
This, in my opinion is the best how to play reference about The whistle tutor is totally comprehensive and newbie-friendly. (it taught me how to do rolls proper! Thanks!) I just can't wait for more sections to be availible! A whistle must-visit!
Syrena   03/Feb/2001:21:11:42
Excellent site.
John B. McHaffie 03/Feb/2001:20:40:33
This is the coolest thing I have ever seen.. :) Seriously though, fantastic site! Everything is really laid out nicely, super easy to navigate, and WOW!! what fantastic tutorials! This place right here, is the whole reason I finally figured out exactly what people are doing in rolls, etc. I had figured out my own way, but now I can finally blend in properly! GREAT! Fun, informative, all around very nice! (Did I mention I like this site?)

Take care, and keep up the excellent work!

Scott Thompson   03/Feb/2001:00:58:38
Wow, great site! Your Meditations page was wonderful. It should be shared with everyone approaching a new style of music. Also, your tonguing advice was very relieving to my confusion on the matter. I won't feel so bad about tonguing more than some players say I should even though I hear some of my favorite players do it more than I.
Susan Hammer   02/Feb/2001:20:10:38
This is a wonderfully comprehensive site full of easy-to-understand explanations on good whistle technique......and to think it is from a fellow Canadian eh?? My partner -&- I teach Irish music in Winnipeg, run sesssions, are active with the local Comhaltas chapter etc. so if you are ever in the neighbourhood, look us up. (We have a wonderful Irish Fest' every October with great names such as John Welan, John Williams, Zan McLeod Liz Carroll, James Kelly, and many mark October on your calendar and come for a visit!!)
All the best,
Tom Olson   02/Feb/2001:15:23:36

Wonderful site the two of you have put together. Keep it up! I'm
particularly looking forward to 'not lifting a finger' since I am a
confirmed finger-lifter.
Suggestion for when you get to 'jigs: trickier than you think': when you
make audio clips of how to do it right, could you also include examples
of how to do it wrong? Some of these rhythm things are subtle, so
hearing right and wrong side-by-side would be helpful to people trying
to learn the difference.


Ronaldo Reyburn Low Whistles 02/Feb/2001:14:15:40
WOW!!! Stephen you have really done some work on this site.
Bravo,bravo!!! I guess I'm gona have to get out my high D and
High C whistles and do some work. Thanks for the guidance.
Dave Paul   02/Feb/2001:13:53:58
Played guitar for 25 years; never played a whistle in my life. Brought back a cheap high D while on a trip to Ireland last Sept. and have been playing it nonstop since. Found Chiff-&-Fipple, and now your site. Wonderful! Lots of good descriptions of how the sounds are produced. I can read music, and can pick up new tunes quickly, but needed tips on ornamentation. Your site is very informative, very useful. Thanks!

Lambertville NJ USA
Craig Clark   31/Jan/2001:17:52:23
My impression of your site thus far is comparable to being offered a drink of cool water after wondering in the desert for 3 days. You offer such amazing insight and coverage into areas that have been bothering me for some time. Thank you and keep up the great work!
Deborah Jackson   13/Dec/2000:23:05:40
Very comprehensive - I especially like the clips, and the advice about listening!
isabelle   29/Nov/2000:18:54:55
Félicitations! Beaucoup de vie et de personnalité dans ces pages!
Guillaume   28/Nov/2000:12:35:29
Nice site! A section on low whistles would be great, too!
bill white   11/Nov/2000:18:56:17
I like the sound of a well played whistle.
Jamie Kerr   31/Oct/2000:16:28:56
Nice site, but it would be much nicer if you posted a picture of your tin whistle collection. ;-)

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