Ornamentation techniques: contents page

Basic stuff

Taps or strikes
   A simple and effective method of shaping a note.
   One of two essential basic techniques you must learn.
   The other essential basic technique:
   Using a higher note to draw attention to or articulate a note.
Slides or glissando
   A very characteristic ornament in Irish music:
   sounds great on a whistle. Use with care.
   Not essential, disliked by many. Use with much greater care.

More advanced stuff

Rolls: an introduction
   A few thoughts to introduce you to this
   ubiquitous ornament.
The dah-blah-blah method
   Sounds silly, but this is an easy method for
   learning rolls - foolproof, if you follow it closely.
Some long rolls and how to use them
   A few straightforward examples to show you how "long rolls" can be used.
Long rolls on A and B
   More long rolls and tunes for you to try.
Off-beat rolls
   Another kind of long roll, shifted somewhat...
Rolls: a practice page
   Some tunes to try...
Short rolls
   Fingers need to be moving snappily for these little animals.
Triplets - tongued and otherwise
   Not played as written (sounds familiar?)
Crans [coming soon]
   You can't roll on the note D...
   Many whistlers use this piper's technique instead.

   While you wait for the page on crans, which has been "coming soon" for an awful long time now, you might like to try this herbal preparation. It may help. (Thanks to Gordon Mooney for the suggestion.)

Updated 14 October 2004