1 See also Ciaran Carson. Last Night's Fun: a book about music food and time. - London : Pimlico, 1996. - - ISBN 0 7126 6252 9. - p. 12 describes "that class of tune that also includes the Maid at the fair, Pay the girl her fourpence, The two and sixpenny girl.." (Makes you wonder though about the tune known as The goat on the green.)

2 Maid on the green/Jackson's jig/a Drink of Water. - Victor 19271-B, issued March 1924 Available on several re-issue albums like The Wheels of the World, NPU's Piping of Patsy Touhey tape, and the Touhey compilation brought onto the market by Pat Sky. A detailed transcription of Touhey's playing of the tune can be found in The piping of Patsy Touhey. Pat Mitchell & Jackie Small. - Dublin : Na Piobairi Uilleann,1986. - ISBN 0 9509743 2 3 . - tune 36

3 See Mitchell, DMWC, Unknown 104

4 See Seamus Ennis' notations of his own playing of the Bucks of Oranmore and Miss Monaghan in Ceol na Phiobaire. Ed. Terry Moylan. - Dublin : Na Piobairi Uilleann, 1981. These are written with great rhythmic nuance but too complex for the learner while the advanced player will pick up the complexities by ear and have little use for the written version

5 Pat Mitchell. "Rhythm & structure in Irish traditional dance music Part 1" in Journal of the Sean Reid society [vol 1], 2000. This CD-ROM journal is now available through NPU, a publication in bookform of the first two volumes is presently in preparation, publication planned for July 2003

6 Breandan Breathnach. - Ceol Rinnce na hEireann, cuid 1. - Dublin, 1963. - see for example tune 6, Down the Back Lane.